Access panel

When doing panel surveys, we work closely with our partner

Through this we have access to an access panel, which comprises 400,000 members (+ 400 / day) from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Slovakia, Croatia, the Czech Republic and more recently from Serbia, Italy and France.

Online market research offers faster data collection and the provision of data that is always up to date. It offers a high degree of flexibility, as the surveys are no longer bound by time and place, and it is possible to reach niche target groups with low incidence.

The intense panel management regularly updates participant profiles and checks their identity; thus a probe of unnoticed invitations can be carried out. In addition, the data is checked for plausibility and sequential effects can be avoided through random rotations.

The entire survey is under continuous real-time control


Sampling, data management and analysis from a single source!