Flexible questionnaire design

Possibility to distribute questions on multiple HTML pages (i.e. no scroll form). Questions can be presented individually (one question – one screen) or several questions can be selected to appear on one screen.

Different question types are possible

Single selection:

Only one of several possible answers can be selected (entry of additional text is possible.

Multiple selection:

More of several possible answers can be selected. The number of selectable options may be limited to a fixed value. The entry of an optional additional text is also possible.

Matrix question:

Two-dimensional question with a list of questions and possible answers for each question part. The matrix question is provided in the form of single selection and multiple selection. Response field labelling options are provided on the head of the answer button (column label) and on the left and right of the answer button (row label). In each cell of the matrix either point scale, text box or drop-down list can be selected. Additionally, two matrixes (e.g. importance and assessment) can be filled in for the items.

Semantic differential (polarity profil):

Matrix question with term contrastive pairs at both ends of the scale.

Text question:

A text input can be entered.

Selection of an open category „other“:

Possibility of an open enquiry of other indications. If applicable, the category „other“ should be activated automatically when giving text input.

Pages in between:

Optionally designed pages for instructions or comments between randomisation.

Integration of audio and/or video files:

It is possible to integrate photos, commercials, radio spots into the questionnaire and to test them.

Random order presentation of response alternatives

Correct display of scales

When using scales, the distances between the scale points should always be the same in order to avoid methodological artefacts in the answers.

Status display

For the participant to estimate the length of the survey. Alternative or complementary representation in written form, for example: "page XY of YZ pages in total".

Elaborate question types possible


Default response alternatives are placed in sequence (with binding). Numerical question: Only a certain type of number can be entered, which can be accessed as a number, e.g. for filtering (Example: if in question 1 input<1000 then jump to question 2, otherwise to question 3 / / or: sum of data in the follow-up question is equal to the number previously entered).

Constant Sum Scale:

Distribution of a predetermined number of points on several answers (i.e. the sum of numerical information must correspond to a fixed amount, e.g. 100 or 100%).