Mobile surveys

Mobile surveys

Increasing numbers of people use the internet in Germany via Smartphone and tablet PC.
According to the Federal Statistical Office, the growth rates are currently well over 50% and this trend will continue in the coming years.

Another feature, which is becoming more widespread in public spaces, can be easily and optimally combined with our offer: QR codes that are immediately linked to the home page of the questionnaire simply by taking a photo. In this way our evaluations, for example, of restaurants or tourist offers and many other services and products can be submitted during or immediately after the "contact" – quasi in "real time".

Of course not every topic and not every survey is suitable for pocket-sized input.

We have also thought of:
You decide with which media the subject is allowed to participate in the survey. With ERGOQUEST mobile we can define whether the survey can be carried out on all media (quasi via "auto detection") or whether only mobile devices are allowed or even if mobile devices should be disabled for the survey altogether.

To get an impression of the layout, we have prepared a few sample questions for review.

You can reach them via. or via the following QR code.