Visual Text Hot-Spots

„Visual Text Hot Spots“ is a highly effective tool for sophisticated evaluation of all texts. Strengths and weaknesses in regard to content and formal aspects of your texts are easily identified.

You are not sure if your texts are striking the right note? Your customers know the answer! ERGOQUEST Survey Engine’s VTHS allows you to identify exactly those key words or passages in all of your texts that trigger unpleasant / objectionable or ambivalent reactions among readers. Respondents use the mouse to mark words or passages in your text that stand out in a positive or negative way.

“Word clouds” are created for analysis: either differentiating the tonality of the marked passages or, if required, combining both poles (positive - negative) in one image. The number of clicks per word is indicated by the size of the letters (as known from tag clouds). The tonality is indicated by colour: from green (positive) to grey (ambivalent) to red (negative).

Our sample gives you an impression of the ease of use of the tool and the compact and clear output of results.

Click here to view the sample.

The tool is available as of now and can be integrated in any online survey without any problem. And there is more good news: there will be a new feature for the “Hot Spots” technology: “Visual Elements Hot Spots”. This feature allows the evaluation of image material including all formal aspects.