Data entry (manually or by scanner)

We provide high-quality, cost-efficient document scanning and manual coding of questionnaires, bills and any other document.

Data management

Coding of questionnaires, data entry of questionnaires (manually or by scanner), cleaning of the raw data, weighting, customized methods of calculation, statistical tests, multivariate calculations, geographical analyses, conjoint analyses.

Online questionnaires on our own servers

We offer you internet-based surveys on our research-servers. The questionnaires will be individually designed and - being extremely flexible - can be adapted to any structure you like. Furthermore we offer you a big database of possible participants, realtime-analysis of our data and classical anaylsis of your data.

Development of our own computer based surveys

We develop individual software for online- and offline-surveys. For the implementation we focus on existing products (like CBC etc.) as well as on individual coding in modern languages like Java and .NET.


Telephone-, fax- and mail-service